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Why Choose Cornerstone Audiology

When seeking help for your hearing, we know you have many choices. Cornerstone Audiology wants to be your first choice, so we’ve created a hearing center like none other in West Texas.

Experience the Cornerstone Audiology Difference:

Serving you is our #1 priority! We keep you connected and engaged with your family, friends, church community and work environment. Our largest source of referrals come from our existing patients who tell their friends that Cornerstone is the place to go for help with their hearing!
Cornerstone is Christian-owned and based upon the principles of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12).
We make you feel heard, while we help you hear better! We truly listen, answer all of your questions and explain your diagnosis and options very clearly and thoroughly.
You are never a “number” to us. Our entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience with Cornerstone Audiology is nurturing, thorough and always improving.
You will always be evaluated by a Doctor of Audiology. This means you can be confident that your hearing health is in the most qualified hands possible. **At many hearing centers, you’ll be evaluated by an “HIS” (hearing instrument specialist) who is trained to administer a hearing test and fit you with hearing aids, but has no educational background in hearing loss, tinnitus or hearing aids.
Advantage Care Plan - We offer free cleanings and checks, replacing all necessary parts of the hearing aids and FREE BATTERIES for the LIFE OF THE INSTRUMENTS. Our Advantage Care Plan ensures you get the best use out of your hearing instruments and helps keep them performing properly.
Cornerstone also offers specialized training, expertise and solutions in the treatment of tinnitus (“ringing of the ears”).
Many of our patients were referred to us by local doctors and current Cornerstone patients. We also have patients drive in from as far away as Amarillo and New Mexico because of the unique, person-to-person care they receive.

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