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Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

By Julie Hubik March 15, 2019

As we age, several things deteriorate simultaneously. These include our agility, our hearing, and even our cognitive skills. Having hearing loss has even been shown to lead to dementia and diseases such as Alzheimer’s...

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Hearing Aids Can Really Help

By Julie Hubik February 15, 2019

Hearing loss is a common problem in the United States today, affecting around 44 million people across the country. It is therefore astounding that only 1 out of every 3 elderly hearing impaired adults aged 70 and above actually uses hearing aids...

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Hearing Loss Has Adverse Side Effects

By Julie Hubik January 15, 2019

We may think about hearing loss as a problem that only affects our ears, when in reality it affects our entire life. Our physical and mental health suffers with untreated hearing loss. Our personal and professional relationships also take a hit due to hearing loss...

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Hunters Need to Protect Their Hearing

By Julie Hubik December 17, 2018

Many people love to go hunting during this time of year. It is important to take some safety measures in order to protect your ears from any potential hearing damage. Hunting can be a loud activity since it involves the use of firearms...

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Obesity and Hearing Loss

By Julie Hubik November 15, 2018

We often think of weight as a problem that affects us in realms such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Increased weight brings with a host of physiological problems. Did you know that obesity also leads to increased chances of developing hearing loss...

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Boost Your Cognitive Skills by Protecting Your Hearing

By Julie Hubik October 15, 2018

Age has a way of slowing down all the basic processes of our body, including our cognitive skills. Over time, we face health problems such as dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease, which can take away our sense of independence and even rob us of our precious memories. What is often ignored is the fact that hearing actually plays a huge role in maintaining our cognitive health...

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Hearing Aids Help You Regain Your Autonomy

By Julie Hubik September 17, 2018

We all search for independence from a very early age. Be it the ability to walk without help, to drive in our own car, or to be able to hear without asking others to constantly repeat themselves. Thankfully, with hearing aids, you can regain your sense of freedom from the shackles that hearing loss binds you with...

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Adjusting the Volume on Your Hearing Device

By Julie Hubik August 15, 2018

Hearing aids are truly miraculous little devices that can help vastly improve your daily hearing experience in a variety of environmental settings. Be it a busy street or a quiet café, hearing aids can help you adjust with ease to all the varying degrees of noise in your daily life...

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Muffled Hearing May be an Indication of Hearing Loss

By Julie Hubik July 16, 2018

People often ignore the occasional bouts of muffled hearing that they experience after a particularly loud sporting event or musical concert. However, muffled hearing is often a symptom of underlying damage to hearing and should never be ignored...

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Hearing Aids versus Cochlear Implants

By Julie Hubik June 15, 2018

Hearing aids are the most prevalent treatment option when it comes to treating hearing loss. Cochlear implants are an alternative treatment option that is utilized when hearing aids fail to work, especially in cases of severe hearing loss or total deafness...

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Exploring Presbycusis

By Julie Hubik May 15, 2018

Age brings on its own set of setbacks as our bodies begin to deteriorate over time. Our outward appearance changes and our senses become dull. Our hearing is also affected in a phenomenon known as presbycusis, or hearing damage caused by aging...

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Enjoying Your Restaurant Visit despite Hearing Loss

By Julie Hubik April 16, 2018

Hearing loss often inhibits people from wanting to leave the safety of their homes to venture into a restaurant. The challenges of eating at a restaurant are many for those with hearing loss. Restaurants are usually busy environments, with multiple conversations taking place all at once...

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Your Ears Enjoy a Good Workout

By Julie Hubik March 15, 2018

We all enjoy a good workout every now and then. But did you know that not only your body, but also your ears will thank you for your dedication towards exercise. Adding an exercise routine to your daily life has a myriad of health benefits including cardiovascular fitness, elevation in mood, enhanced stamina, and improved sleep. You can also stave off severe health conditions through exercise, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hearing loss...

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Loving Those New Hearing Aids

By Julie Hubik February 15, 2018

Obtaining hearing aids can be an exciting time. Congratulations, you just took proactive steps towards rectifying your hearing loss. Now it is time to take a step back and slowly relearn your way back into the hearing world. Keeping a positive attitude can help you obtain a smooth transition and ease your adjustment process...

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Convincing Those with Suspected Hearing Loss to Test Their Hearing

By Julie Hubik January 15, 2018

We love our family members dearly, even though they can be quite difficult to deal with at times, especially when it comes to their reluctance to admit to having a hearing problem. If we suggest to our parents that it might be a good idea to get their hearing tested, they deny having any problems and scoff at the idea. This denial might stem from a deep-rooted fear over the certainty of having hearing loss...

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Hearing Brightly this Holiday Season

By Julie Hubik December 18, 2017

Reading to my children is one of my favorite things in life. I know that there will be a day when they won’t want me to read anymore, so I am soaking it up as much as possible. Recently we read a book called, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. It’s a wonderful book about a 5th grade boy named August with facial anomalies and other challenges such as hearing loss...

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Hearing with Gene Therapy

By Julie Hubik November 15, 2017

Thanks to advancements in modern scientific approaches, a recent breakthrough was found in the journal of Scientific Translational Medicine. This new discovery has found that through the use of gene therapy, the nerves within the auditory system can be regenerated. An implant placed in the cochlea was utilized to create electrical impulses that generated gene therapy...

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Early Indicators of Hearing Impairment

By Julie Hubik October 16, 2017

People often take years before they realize that they have a hearing problem since hearing loss is a gradual process that develops over time. It is important to familiarize yourself with the early warning signs that can help identify hearing loss so that it can be treated in a timely manner...

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The Importance of Hearing Assessments Prior to Obtaining Hearing Devices

By Julie Hubik September 15, 2017

People are often under the mistaken impression that all types of hearing evaluations are basically the same. The truth is that there are differences in the types of hearing tests that are out there, and being informed about the actual procedures involved in hearing evaluations can be beneficial...

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Causes for Age-Related Hearing Loss

By Julie Hubik August 15, 2017

Hearing loss is usually thought to be a problem that generally afflicts the elderly population, being the third most frequently diagnosed chronic health problems in seniors (after hypertension and arthritis). Based on information from the National Institute of Deafness and Other...

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The Journey of Sound

By Julie Hubik July 14, 2017

We often take our hearing for granted until it is gone for good. You might wonder what it is really like to hear. It is helpful to take a look inside the inner workings of your ear to decipher the amazing journey made by sound signals. Your journey begins from your outer ear where sound signals are received...

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Information about Hearing Loops

By Julie Hubik June 15, 2017

When it comes to hearing loss, people can make use of hearing loop systems that enable users to enjoy various environmental settings without overwhelming their sense of hearing. Hearing loops use a simple telecoil to pick up magnetic signals that are generated by telephone calls and other audio devices...

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Feedback from Hearing Devices

By Julie Hubik May 15, 2017

People who wear hearing aids sometimes complain of a whistling noise that they hear as a result of feedback emitting from the hearing aids. While most of the times it is perfectly normal to hear this type of noise, at other times this type of feedback may be an indication that something is not quite right with your hearing aids...

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The World of Sounds Captured Through Echoic Memory

By Julie Hubik April 14, 2017

People often store their auditory memories through the part of the sensory memory system known as the echoic memory. This particular sensory memory keeps an internal record of the sounds you have been exposed to throughout your lifetime...

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Teenagers with Hearing Loss

By Julie Hubik March 15, 2017

When people think about hearing loss, teenagers would be the last people to come to mind. However, recent research indicates that very soon, teenagers will outnumber elderly adults in terms of hearing loss...

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Getting The Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

By Julie Hubik February 15, 2017

When hearing loss patients consider buying hearing aids, the biggest deterrent can be the price. Hearing devices can be a bit costly, but think about them as an investment to a lifetime of enhanced hearing, and regaining a basic human sensory experience truly is priceless in many ways. Obtaining hearing instruments can enhance your life in the following ways to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit of using hearing aids...

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Enhance Your Hearing

By Julie Hubik January 16, 2017

People with hearing aids can still take care of their residual hearing to prevent further damage. Wearing hearing devices does not reverse the damage caused by hearing loss, thus it is important to protect your natural ability to hear using a specific set of simple practices each day...

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The Advantage Care Plan

By Lacey Wilcox December 14, 2015

It’s the season for giving gifts, and we want to share about one we give to our patients all year long. Our Advantage Care Plan is a selection of complimentary and discounted items and services that are offered with a Cornerstone Audiology Hearing Instrument Purchase. Why Do We Offer Our Advantage Care Plan? We understand...

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Communicating During the Holidays

By Lacey Wilcox December 7, 2015

It’s the holidays, and many of your family members have driven in to see you. You find yourself sitting at the kitchen table, trying to have a conversation with your son about his new job as an accountant. From the kitchen come the delicious smells of baking, but also the sound of a mixer whirring...

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Quit Smoking to Protect Your Hearing

By Lacey Wilcox November 12, 2015

The negative side effects of smoking are numerous: cancer, decreased cardiovascular health, and poor oral health. You might not know that smoking has also been shown to cause hearing loss. We know the decision to quit is not an easy one. But, the array of negative side effects that can be caused by the...

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Practice a Healthy Lifestyle to Manage Diabetes and Protect Hearing

By Lacey Wilcox November 12, 2015

The American Diabetes Association estimates that over 29 million children and adults in America have diabetes. Of this number, over 1.25 million have Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes remains the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. These numbers are even more alarming when you realize the impact diabetes can have on the...

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Silent Wounds: Veterans and Hearing Loss

By Lacey Wilcox November 9, 2015

War is not without sacrifice, and our Veterans have made that sacrifice courageously and selflessly. The battle scars from this service manifest themselves in many ways: physical scars, loss of limbs, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, night terrors, and more. Some of the wounds of service, however, are invisible. Of the Veterans who have spent time in...

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Traveling with Hearing Aids

By Lacey Wilcox September 4, 2015

Travel is a recurring aspect of our lives. We travel for work and vacation, and also to see family and grandchildren. For many, traveling can be an enjoyable experience. But, for people with hearing loss, a routine trip can be as stressful as it is enjoyable. We know many of you travel in the fall...

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Unplug for Your Hearing Health

By Lacey Wilcox August 8, 2015

Distractions are all around us. Each day is filled with noise from tv, radio, phones, and audio devices. When you combine this with the noise that makes up everyday life (kitchen appliances, traffic, noise on the job, or the sounds of a busy restaurant), it’s easy to see how all this noise can overwhelm us...

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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

By Lacey Wilcox August 8, 2015

It can be easy to feel passionate about the scientific side of treating hearing loss. As we read about the advancements in hearing technology that are being made, we’re excited to think about the people whose lives will be improved by these innovations. It can be so easy to get caught up in the...

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5 Things that Treating Hearing Loss Says About You

By Lacey Wilcox August 8, 2015

Treating hearing loss is something that many people put off for far too long. The excuses that people give for not treating hearing loss include, “I’m not ready for hearing aids,” “I still have one ear that can hear well,” or “I’m not old enough for hearing aids”. These patients have focused so much upon...

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Protect Your Hearing During Recreational Activities

By Lacey Wilcox August 7, 2015

With the start of school right around the corner, many of us are trying to squeeze as much fun as possible out of summer time with our children and grandchildren. While all of that fun is great for making memories, it can be hard on your hearing. It’s important to protect your hearing during recreational...

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