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Who We Are

  • Hearing Provider in West Texas
  • Hearing Provider in West Texas

Cornerstone Audiology is striving to become the most trusted and professional hearing provider in West Texas. The providers at Cornerstone are committed to equipping our patients with the best technology available to meet their individual needs. By building long-term relationships with our patients, we are able to understand their unique hearing situations and provide solutions and service to ensure each patient’s success.

Cornerstone Audiology also invests in our community through it’s own Hear Lubbock Program. We accept donations of used hearing instruments at any time. These donations are recycled or refit on patients in our community and surrounding area at little or no cost to the patient.

Cornerstone partners with local charities that are near and dear to our hearts and our patient’s hearts.

Hear Lubbock Program

Hear Lubbock Program | Hear Lubbock began as Dr. Julie Hubik began to see a need in this area to provide assistance for those with hearing loss who cannot afford hearing instruments. Our organization accepts donations of used hearing instruments at any time. We also apply trade-in credit to individuals upgrading to more advanced/current hearing aid technology. These donations are recycled or refit if possible on patients in our community and surrounding area at little or no cost to the patient. An application process is required. Apply here.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels | Cornerstone Audiology Staff volunteers with Meals on Wheels. They have enjoyed getting to know the people on their route and look forward to helping Meals on Wheels as they grow into their new facility. Click here to donate.

Hospice of Lubbock

Hospice of Lubbock | Cornerstone Audiology supports Hospice of Lubbock and have many patients who have needed their service. Cornerstone helps to provide hearing help for patients of Hospice of Lubbock in end of life care. Click here to donate.

High Point Village

High Point Village | This is an organization that is near to our hearts as one of our dearest patients is the founder of this wonderful organization. High Point Village equips adults with disabilities with life skills to help them succeed more independently. Click here to donate.

We provide a full spectrum of hearing services for better hearing


We promise to really listen to your hearing needs and concerns. Each patient’s goals are different and our passion is to help you make the most of the moments that are important to you.


After your evaluation we will make recommendations based on your unique budget and lifestyle.

Fit & Follow

Our team will fit you with the most appropriate technology and provide adequate follow-up care to assure that the hearing systems are sufficiently fine-tuned and explained.


Cornerstone provides ongoing support by providing clean and checks every 4 months including batteries and service. We also provide monthly classes to help you to really dive in and learn what all your hearing aids are capable of!

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